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Specialist Consultants in the Aquatic Environment


Established in 2010 THA Aquatic combines a long history of applied research and extensive industry knowledge to deliver leading edge solutions for the aquatic environment.
Our clients work across a broad range of industry sectors including power and utilities companies, developers, government regulators and commercial / recreational fisheries.
Our highly qualified, capable team are experienced in working in a diverse range of freshwater, estuarine and coastal habitats, providing scientific insight and technical support.
Headquartered on the UK’s South Coast, we offer a wide portfolio of consultancy services, survey capabilities and R&D facilities. Our laboratory facilities are licensed by the Home Office as a ‘Designated Establishment’, enabling us to carry out approved behavioural studies on fish and other aquatic biota.


  • Best Practice Guidance
  • EIA / EcIA / HRA
  • Baseline Characterisation
  • Regulatory Compliance Advice
  • Eel Regulation Assessments
  • Hydroelectric / Tidal / Thermal Power Generation
  • Drought & Low Flow Studies
  • Fish Pass & Screen Design
  • Fish Behaviour Monitoring (Individual Based Models)
  • GIS Habitat Mapping / Statistical Analysis
  • Underwater Noise Measurement & Assessment
  • Water Framework Directive Assessment
  • Protected Species
  • Technical Reports & Expert Witness

Freshwater & Marine Surveys

  • Adult & Juvenile Seine Netting
  • Trawls (beam, otter & pelagic)
  • Static Gear (fyke, gill & trammel)
  • Electric Fishing
  • Ichthyoplankton
  • Entrainment & Impingement Monitoring
  • Fish Counters (resistivity, optical & imaging sonar)
  • Habitat Mapping / Redd Counts / Walk Over
  • Benthic Invertebrate Analysis
  • Macrophyte Survey
  • River Corridor / RHS / Phase 1 Habitat
  • Substrate Sampling & Particle Size Distribution
  • Water Quality Sampling
  • Video, Remote Sensing & Sonar

Research & Development

  • Biotelemetry (radio & acoustic)
  • Fish Behaviour Modelling
  • Fish Ecotoxicology
  • Fish Engineering (field & laboratory based)
  • Fish Guidance & Behaviour
  • Fish Swimming Studies
  • Home Office Licensed Laboratory Facilities

Our team support infrastructure planning for inland and near-shore water based development programmes through the regulatory process.
We are proud of our established relationships with regulators and stakeholders across the UK. These relationships enable us to anticipate and respond rapidly to planned changes in legislation or policy concerning the aquatic environment. Where necessary we are happy to work alongside, or in partnership with, other specialists or third party service providers to deliver solutions that best meet our clients’ needs.
With the highest regard for biosecurity protocols & procedures, each member of the THA Aquatic team is committed to ensuring ‘best practice’ in all areas of the business, acting as ambassadors for our sector.

We have enjoyed a long-standing academic relationship with the Sparsholt College National Aquatic Training Centre in Hampshire and regularly collaborate in research projects.
In 2016 we undertook experimental trials to elicit an avoidance strategy in endangered European eels utilising a strobe lighting system with the aim of deterring them from water abstraction intakes.

To underpin our commitment to leading-edge scientific & academic excellence, 2016 also saw us join forces with the University of Portsmouth under the government’s ‘Knowledge Transfer Partnership’.


Presenting regularly at UK and International scientific conferences, members of THA Aquatic have authored many peer-reviewed papers, articles and books.
We work at the front line of emerging regulation and key personnel are lead authors on UK Environment Agency ‘best practice’ guidance documents that continue to shape developments in the sector.

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