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Environmental Consultancy

Specialist Consultants in the Aquatic Environment


Our team of experts at THA Aquatic offer our clients a responsive environmental consultancy service ranging from environmental impact assessment and commercial fisheries assessments to the preparation of good practice guidance within the marine and freshwater environments.
As regulators increasingly demand EIAs underpinned by rigorous scientific evidence, THA Aquatic combines a wealth of experience across relevant development sectors with an unrivalled background in fisheries & engineering research.

Consultation/Scoping – Feasibility – Baseline & Assessment

Working to approved EIA related methodologies we offer clients a fully rounded service in all areas of development permitting.
We are able to convey complex information in a simple and engaging format, using innovative computer modelling as a basis for environmental case making. Where appropriate we are able to test alternative scenarios for clients in an EIA context.
Our expertise in managing ecological assessments sees us work across both large & small scale development projects and we are able to offer advice on the scope of surveys and assessments proportionate to the size of project.
We have managed ecological impact assessments for Development Consent Order (DCO) applications for large scale projects such as the Thames Tideway Tunnel and Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon.

Members of the THA Aquatic team have also:

  • Written Good Practice Guidance for the Environment Agency
  • Acted as expert witnesses at public inquiries
  • Provided written representations for DCO Examinations

Environmental Consultancy Services

  • Computer modelling for environmental case making
  • Commercial Fisheries Assessment
  • Fisheries & aquatic impact assessments
  • Liaison between client, stakeholders and regulatory authorities
  • Producing environmental statements
  • Project management & co-ordination
  • Preparation of good practice guidance
  • Representing clients at Public Inquiry and Examinations
  • Supporting clients with licensing & consents
  • Undertaking scientific investigation

Sound science behind field investigations: Fish Telemetry

Telemetry captures the information required for successful fisheries management by tracking tagged fish in their natural environment. From assessing the efficiency of fish pass designs to identifying effective deterrent technologies, insight into fish movement & behaviour is critical.

Our team are experienced in tagging multiple freshwater, estuarine and marine species for government agencies, researchacademic institutions and NGOs.
THA Aquatic are highly proficient in acoustic, radio and Passive Integrated Transponder (PIT) telemetry. We will work closely with clients to identify the most appropriate of these to meet your requirements.
Our services include:


Fish Telemetry: Applications

Fish telemetry applications include monitoring habitat use, entrainment, passage, avoidance, migratory delay and predation for:

  • Behavioural Deterrents
  • Dams
  • Fish Passes
  • Flood Defence Structures Screens
  • Individual Based Models (IBMs)
  • Introduced Habitat
  • Low-head Hydropower Structures and Weirs
  • Managed Realignment
  • Pumps & Intakes
  • Sluices
  • Turbines


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